Saturday, December 27, 2008

You know when all you parenting has shaped your young, charming, polite, friendly, caring wonderful daughters, in the correct way. Its when they beat the ~$%£! out of you in a game of boxing on the new Wii.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Its 6:30 am on an early Thursday November morning and I'm waking to the knowledge that something special is happening today. My mind becomes clear as the excitement grows for today is the day we hope to see Cameron enter the world.
At my request Becky had packed her hospital bag two days earlier and had bought diapers (nappies to us here in England), formula (powder not premade for some reason), and packed several outfits (yes several) for Cameron to wear.
I woke the household and dressed myself in comfortable clothing (not doing the whole tux stuff again). We caught the bus as it goes from our front door to the hospital direct and found ourselves arriving with the early cleaning crew. Becky's appointment had been set for (:30 but previous pregnancies had taught us to arrive early if we didn't want to find ourselves disappointed by emergencies overriding planned bookings.
Yes we arrived so early that no one was expecting us at all. Still we got through the security of the delivery suite doors (security as in the door was stuck and it took a cleaner to give it a good hard push to open).
It was just about now that Becky piped up that she had forgotten her notes but hey, 'They don't need them'.
We got to the reception desk and low, without her notes we would not be seen.
So one hour later I returned via the bus both ways and the same driver looking quizzically at me as I appeared red and breathing heavy, I appeared notes in hand at the reception desk.
Becky had now been moved to the ward and was excited to see me as the midwife had seen her earlier and had pointed out that the delivery department was quiet that morning and see would probably go strait in.
All went quiet and Becky was getting frustrated as she was sure that the midwife had now seen the dating scan results in her notes and they were now debating if to go ahead or not. Becky had insisted that she was at term where the scan was showing eleven days later. (humm!)
There were two other women in the ward. One had IVF treatment and now her waters were broken and one was a mom of eight who like us was looking to get help in delivery. Her waters had broken too and as the midwife arrived and was chatting with them, Becky and I realised that it was between her and Becky as to who would get the today slot.
It is sad to report that I actually found myself smiling as I heard the midwife tell her that as she normally went into labour on her own she should go away and come back tomorrow. I actually saw them the following day and although she didn't acknowledge me I wished her the best for her day
The midwife then appeared at our bed and to joyful smiles informed us that we were to go through into the delivery suites.
well you would have thought that we would be sitting pretty now but actually our troubles were just starting. The dating scan results started to plague us as midwifes, consultant's and as far as I know, cleaners looked doubtfully at Becky's notes, however help came from a surprising place and the senior chief of obstetrics, Mr Madumbar waved away their objections and told them to get on with it. I say surprising as he had always got Becky in her last three births and had always made Becky wait until a couple of weeks past term before proceeding. I think although he knew about her dates he felt that as she had gone through so much trouble with the previous pregnancies he would be positive this time.
As usual the midwife found it difficult to place the heart and pressure monitors in the right place but in general all was well. Becky's blood pressure was good, this down to the 45lb+ loss and the hundred minutes of working out on the cross trainer.
It was now three and a half hours since we had arrived at the hospital and it was only now at 10:45 that they applied the cream to Becky to help soften her up. (funny how they reported how thick the membrane was as if not quite time for the baby.
We had chatted with the midwife about our family and so forth and enquired if it would be possible for our fifteen year old and six year old to come watch. Gabby had seen previous videos of Bella's birth and watched several children hospital programmes with mom in the morning for us to be happy that she would not find it distressing and Angelica would be there to take her out if something was to happen. Little did we know that at pointing out that our two teenagers were in charge of their younger siblings that the midwife was calling social services to inform them of this situation.
In order to appease them I had to call my mom and dad (my dad had just had a stroke in may and could not move his left arm and mom? well lets just say she talks to the telly a lot). So as long as an adult was in charge and not a capable responsible teenager with good neighbours to call upon they where happy.
Now I have checked since we returned and there is no actual law on this and even the Red Cross use fourteen year old teens to babysit, but am I wrong to trust my kids?
Anyway as things progressed they suddenly agreed to allow Gabby and Angelica to attend and a taxi ride later they appeared at the hospital door excited and ready. This was about 12 hours after we had arrived.
Becky had asked for an epidural as we had had some partial success with Conner in keeping Beck's blood pressure down and even reducing the pain of delivery and now as Becky's contractions were getting two minutes apart the anesthetist turned up to fit the IV. Now I was sure we had seen this guy before and as he chatted with Becky we both realised that he was the same anesthetist who had failed to achieve and epidural with Gabby some six years earlier and as I watched blood fill is IV I realised he was failing to do it again.
Becky now in pain asked him to stop and and unlike last time where he was promising to do it as Becky was actually pushing Gabby out, he admitted defeat and collected his things and left.
At this point I realised what was about to come and made light about it being a long time before Cameron would arrive and arranged for Angelica and Gabby to go home.
All this was about 10:00ish
Now things got serious and the second douse was administered to Becky and an increase of Syntocin to 14 something was now being administered.
I watched the counters on her contraction gage start to climb and climb and climb and climb and now experience kicked in as I had seen these figures before and knew time was upon us.
Becky reached for my hand and informed me that the pain was as sharp and difficult as Gabby and prompted to give me a clue to this by squeezing my hand as hard as possible.
So Becky and I played who's got the toughest grip whist the midwife (I'll give her credit for her guts) told Becky to stop pretending and push!
Well there he was
12:28 Friday 28th November, the head appeared and a little hand waved from below and then with two more large pushes he was out.
Becky said with the time shift back to the states he was still born on Thanksgiving but Angelica was fake annoyed as she too was a 28th Baby and now she would have to share that day with him. (Silly Billy)
6lb 1/2oz, 20" the smallest baby Becky had delivered (Well maybe she had got her dates wrong).

And for me?!

Well now the fun begins!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Intrest from a baby can be activated by the stranges of things. From the cats tail to strange rumbling sounds that emit from my gut before any of the main meal times. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 13, 2006

Finding that I need to relax from a hard day at the office, there is nothing better than coming home to the antics and activities that Bella enjoys. Here for instance you see her counting sheep. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Guess what!?
You'll never guess?
Go on, have a go?

Yep, we have had anouther baby.

Isabella Rose

Thats my fifth girl now.

A red head like her mother and blue eyes passed down from the gene pool.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Today I was left at home with the girls. Becky started her new job as Customer Supply and credit control cleark (or shop assistant) anmd it was left to poor old me to look after the kids. Actually most of the day they were either on their computer or out so this left me with plenty of time to do some photos with Gabby. This is one of the nice ones. Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 09, 2004

We were hoping to get a cat today, even phoned and agreed a visit, but the man of the house forgot to tell his wife and she gave them away, sigh! So its watching the notice boards for a kitten and asking all friends around to listen out in case they hear of any.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

This was our six toed cat Posted by Hello

Alas we decided that this kitten was not to be. She did not enjoy the noise and attention of my four girls. This morning we had to turn the gas heating off as she had squeezed her way into the back of the boiler. I was dreading the smell of scorched fur and screaming cat, but luckily Becky got to the controls quickly. We decided that for the safty of this little life, we would return her and look for a more adventurous kitten.

Gabby 02/10/04 Posted by Hello
This is Gabby one day before her second birthday. I was tidying up the bedroom when she found our nets on the bed. Even at my age its fun getting under the netting and playing.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Becky rang me today at work. She had got our cat his booster shots and had returned home with a friend. They were off to see some kittens for her friend as she wanted one for her daughter. Now don't think that I am in some way slow in thinking, in fact I was quick to say "No, noway, don't you dare, we don't want one" and such like, yet when I got home there she was. A tabby with six, yes counted them twice, six toes. She is cute and a little bit nervy, but I'm not surprised considering she has just been seperated from her mom and siblings. Still its certainly caught the attention of our girls. Gabby's been great and gentally strokes her when we let her.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A busy day but with little results. Spent most of the day fixing computers and understanding requirements for a presentation. Have a chance to talk with one of the senior managers tomorrow so might get a seed or two inplanted in things we can achieve. Unlikely though as they have never listened before. Gabby in a great mood. She has been happily playing with some of her party gifts. Her mom had her out on her trike and she loves her toys.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Today was one of those bad days. It's pretty obvious that my department is going to be outsourced or at least have to justify its self by going through the tender process. Most of the sections that I offer support for all require the main one for finacial help and if we lose it they will all suffer greatly. The Council of course is desperate to show good procurement and to them this is mainly on price. If they grouped all the services together then we would be a shoe-in as combined our prices are great and include some things that will never be able to support themselves. I bet you all didn't realise that public swimming pools are subsidesed by other council means. So this means that we could end up selling the public pools off. That will put the prices up. I wish the CE and senior members would actually do what thy preach and listen to those who actually do the work and not the stupid people who get there jobs through the "Jobs for the boys" scheme. I can't believe that they also don't sack people for poorly doing work but just keep employing until the job is done.

As I said a bad day today

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Today is Gabby's birthday. Yes she's reached the terrible two. We had several children and parents around the house today. Most of the men ending up in the front room watching football with moms and kids in the dining room chatting and watching the kids play. Becky backed a fresh chocolate cake and a plate full of brownies. Don't think I let her have all the fun though I spent most of the morning making sandwiches and getting out the sausage rolls and mini scotch eggs. The highlight of the day was the little teddybear that blew bubbles and this thrilled the kids for ages. Gabby recieved several lovely gifts from puzzles and a fairy costume to a little wooden workbench theat she could hit pegs on with a mallet and undo screws and nuts. This was a major hit with most of the kids there including dad. Yes today was a fun day and most of us have finished up with a full stomach and happy memories.

Friday, October 01, 2004

The last week has had Becky and I at the hospital and the terrible news that Becky miscarried. Plans and thoughts end and for a while it was helpful that we managed time to share our feelings alone. We already have four wonderful young ladies and they have understood and responded well to our grief. Mom and dad, what would we do without them, were great. Babysitting and taxi, along with helpful hands and understanding were only a few of the tasks they performed and I thank them for all they did during this time.

Becky and I still want to have another child and so in time we will try again.

Well you usually start these things with good intentions but within weeks it fades to once a week then once a month and then you just let it drift to nothing. I started once before and although I really thought that I could achieve some small blog each day, other sites and intrests soon took over my time. Well I'm back and going to have another go at doing this.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Off to mothers home to give her a card and Mothers Day gift. Its almost lunchtime and I haven't told the girls they are having lunch at Pizza Hut. In fact they think that we are eating at their Nanas. Now you know the saying "Like mother used to make", well lets just say my mother likes to test her cooking resolve out on us. There is fear in their eyes and tummies are a turning.
Pizza hut is great and Gabby, who has been asleep on my lap for ages wakes to find lots of happy screaming kids and balloons around her. There is hardly a sound from our table apart from the gnarling of cheesy pizza and slurping of fizzy black soda. (Yes I know its Pepsi, but if they are not going to indorse me to advertise for them, then I'm not going to give them a plug on my site).
Next a trip around the local county park, where the kids get to go on swings that face each other in a circle and then they get to kick the stuffing out of one and other for FUN! At home they do this but I get lots of crying and finger pointing, strange isn't it?

Ah the Sun is out, the sky is blue, there's not a cloud to spoil the view, but the wallets empy and the bank account too. Vet bills to pay and tomorrows Mothers day, special advanced learning for my eldist and new Brownie outfits for the next two. And what of the baby? well shes got a cold, a real icky one with sneezing, coughing and sniffling. Still one thing for sure I will save money on tissues as Gabby seems to like wiping her nose on my shirt.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Music soothes the savage beast, on in this case the "Not Tired" baby. She's sat on my knee as I bounce her to the rhythmic sounds of pop, rock and soul. How quiet she sits her eyes glued to the visualisation that explodes across my screen. Oh how I realise that this is just a ruse as more troubled times are to follow. How do I know, you ask? Well my other three daughters are leaning over my shoulder demanding daddy turns off his strange oldies music for something more hip (is that the word I ask shrugging my shoulders). Well whatever they think I remember how much better my music is compared to what my parents played.
Wait a minute, my daughters music is a re-release of what my parents played!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Watching my baby as she tears into the wrapping paper, that coincidently had hidden the expensive toy that now lay face down in the middle of the lounge floor, I realised that sometimes the simplest things in life can achieve a far better result than money. Obviously money has its place but sometimes it can be an easy get out to a problem rather than the solution. It was easy to please with a "Who wants an ice cream?" when boredom had set in at home, rather than to get of the couch and do something simple with them that would fill the long hours of a wet afternoon.
So a plan of action was now taking place in my head. A pack of cards or even colouring pencils and paper had its place. Old newspapers and paste or even a rummage through the shed to see what wood we could use with hammer and nails to make something. Yes I can see it now a secret hide-a-way at the bottom of the garden. Pictures from the girls pinned to the walls, old paints brightening the exterior. Maybe we could have a picnic and even invite their friends!
Ah but wait!
"Is that the ice cream man I hear, who wants a lollypop?"